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Realme Buds Wireless Review Realme Buds Wireless Review
Realme claims 12 hours playback at 50% volume, after using the Realme Buds Wireless over each day on one charge, slightly meeting the condition.... Realme Buds Wireless Review

It’s a difficult thing to select a decent pair of budget earbuds from the flock of options out there. For one, the sound must be good, and it’s comfortable to wear. If not, it’s going to alright throw you off, and there goes the cash down the drain.

Realme Buds Wireless

Realme has announced its Wireless Buds beside the Realme XT smartphone and a collection of other accessories. These Buds are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and lauded to be “tuned by World famous DJ Alan Walker. ” That’s cool to experience, but do these Wireless Buds sound cool?

To check them out, we’ve been exercising the Realme Buds for several days, and here’s how they are. Let’s have an eye on the specifications.


Model Name: Realme Buds Wireless
Bluetooth: Version 5.0
Bluetooth Protocols: FP | A2DP | HSP | AVRCP
Wireless Transmission: Upto 10 meters
Battery Backup: 110mAh, 12 hours playback at 50% volume
Charging: micro-USB socket, 1.5 hours
Waterproof: IPX4 Certified
Driver: 11.2mm
Miscellaneous: Built-in microphone, Magnetic earbuds

Box Contents:
micro-USB cable
Extra pair of ear tips
Instruction Manual

Design and Build Quality

Realme calls the neckband as Elastic Memorize Metal String. Because the rubber neckband leans well on the neck, the metallic line within it should enhance the sturdiness. The battery case is additionally given a metal shield. The ear tips connected end form a necklace.

Realme Buds Wireless

With all those metallic parts, it’s still charming and comfortable. If you wear it during running or have erratic movements, then the neckband is seemingly going to wobble sideways.

The bundled ear wings do ease this problem by settling the buds within the auditory meatus. These are detachable but available in one size only. As for the ear pads, gladly, there are two extra pairs to modify supported your fit.

Our review unit had the Black & Yellow color variant. It could appeal both funky or flashy, depending upon your affection. Other color options are Green and Orange. Whichever color you prefer, icons on the remote give an equivalent accent.

Realme buds Wireless

Those yellow wires are soft and strong. The black parts have a matte finish, which is aesthetically elegant. Overall, we appreciate the build quality of Realme Buds Wireless. They don’t seem cheap, like their price.

Realme Buds Wireless: Utility

The foremost highlight for us is the magnetic locking of the buds. this is how it works

While separated, the buds are on auto-pair mode. You’ll get a notification to pair if the Bluetooth on your Realme XT is turned on. You’ve to pick Realme Buds Wireless within the Bluetooth Settings for other devices.
Once paired, the buds On/Off because the magnetic tips are separated and united, respectively. So, once you depart the bud ends, the headphone auto-connects to the last device.

Unhappily, the Realme Buds Wireless doesn’t support synchronous reference to multiple devices. Sometimes where you would like to clear the current pairing to attach with a special device, all you’ve to press the R button on the remote for 5s. Its done.

The remote has three (3) buttons for volume up, down, and the R key within the middle. They will be used for music control like play/pause, double-tap for next and triple tap for resetting the track. Speaking of music control, the buds, while connected, will pause the music. However, there’s no resume playback once you separate them.

Realme Buds Wireless

Trigger Google Assistant and use it for answering and ending calls by the press and hold the R key. I wish the buttons were a touch more unusual because it took a touch of motor memory to alter them.

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Realme Buds Wireless: Audio Experience

An earphone can primarily be judged by Sound Quality. You’ll also ignore the opposite bells and whistles. Thank god, Realme has discovered the proper chords when it involves the audio signature in these earbuds. Well, for the foremost part.
With 11.2mm Bass Boost driver, the bass is very much warm. The response is a smaller amount of boomy than other earphones we’ve tested before. Still, it’s a comfortable depth. The vocals and instrument division within the mids were also honestly clear. The high treble isn’t ear-piercing either.

Realme Buds Wireless
Realme Buds Wireless

As for the judgment quality, the conversation was constant and clear. The integrated microphone works like a charm.

The noise cancellation slightly isolates the outside environment somewhat because you’ll still remember your surrounding.

We remarked a pinch delay by a milli-sec while watching Youtube. Then, there have been signaled interruptions for a time. Take it as a lie or something to notice.

Realme Buds Wireless: Battery Life

Realme claims 12 hours playback at 50% volume, after using the Buds over each day on one charge, slightly meeting the condition. We are impressed.

The charging needs quite an hour. But, the thing which we aren’t fascinated by is that the micro-USB port. Agreed, its a budget earbuds. But its 2020, and almost every phone accompany a USB-C charger, including the Realme XT. I don’t want to hold two charging cables. And let me inform you of the loss of carrying case.


Verdict with Pros & Cons

Realme has done many best things in these new earbuds. They’re ergonomic, colorful in colors. They require to put more thought into the magnet buds.
So these are an honest pair of earphones to buy. They’ll be heavy on bass but are light in weight and on the price.


  • Ergonomic
  • Functional remote and magnetic buds
  • Long battery life


  • Flashy Colors, something subtler and restrained, would be appreciated.
  • Lack of USB-C port
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