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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review
Features such as USB Type-C port, fast charging, decent battery life, and Quick Switch are remarkable at a given price. When it comes to... OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z was launched in May 2020. The heavily rumoured low-cost bullet wireless Z earphones are the most affordable by OnePlus side.

The Bullets Wireless Z has high demand, excellent quality at just 1999 INR. Affordable is always great. But how OnePlus has managed to overcome the reduced price of the Bullets Wireless Z. as compared to Wireless 2 initially sold?

Can users expect excellent audio quality with this price, and what sacrifices would arise at a much lower price? We’ve answered all these questions in the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review.

The Bullets Wireless Z features the familiar magnetic power switch.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z looks the same as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2. Earphones and neckbands look the same with the same buttons as well. There is small changes in color. The magnetic control which makes it easy to ON/Off. This is something we had a problem with on earlier Bullets Wireless headset since the earbuds usually remain separated in storage. Sometimes this made the headphones turn on and connect to a paired smartphone, and draining its battery.

Magnetic Power Switch

OnePlus hasn’t done enough to fix this, and the magnetic switch is yet a pretty accident-prone. The lower price of Bullet Wireless Z does have some impact on the specs. The most important is that the headset has a single dynamic driver in each earpiece. There’s just SBC and AAC support on the Bullets Wireless Z, and also doesn’t support the aptX Bluetooth code. The earphones use the Bluetooth version 5 model for connectivity.

Support Type C Port & Quick Switch

Useful features that have been preserved are the USB Type-C port for superior battery life and fast charging, which are all excellent for an Rs. 1,999 wireless headset. We were able to charge the earphones in just over 20 minutes fully and got almost 20 hours of mixed-use per charge during our review period.

A 10 minute charge for 10 hours of music

It comes with IP55 water-resistant rating and a low-latency mode, which only works on OnePlus smartphones with Fnatic Mode active. Another convenient feature is Quick Switch, which lets you pair two devices with the earphones, tap the Quick Switch, and quickly switch between two devices. We can use it for multitasking between a laptop and a smartphone immediately.

Value For Money

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z sounds reasonable for the price we mentioned earlier. The Bullets Wireless Z feature a single 9.2mm driver in each earbud. A downstep from the Bullets Wireless 2.

OnePlus appears to have applied the same driver that we seen on Bullets Wireless earphones launched in 2018.

Along with the loss of support for the aptX codec, it makes the sound quality little down compared to earlier Bullets Wireless earphones. Best Wireless Earphones You Can Buy.

Finally, we used the Bullets Wireless Z as a hands-free headset for calls. The sound quality was decent. The low-latency mode is working great with little loss in sound quality after using it with Fnatic Mode on a supported OnePlus smartphone. However, there is still some delay in sound when playing games.


OnePlus’ approach with the Bullets Wireless Z is impressive. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is precisely for the company’s audio product range.
This headset looks like the Bullets Wireless 2.

Features such as USB Type-C port, fast charging, decent battery life, and Quick Switch are remarkable at a given price. When it comes to sound quality, OnePlus hasn’t pushed any limits with the Bullets Wireless Z; you get what you expect with these earphones. Still, the overall package is good enough at under Rs. 2,000.


  • Looks good
  • USB Type-C, fast charging, excellent battery life
  • Useful Quick Switch feature
  • Decent sound for the price


  • No aptX support

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